Virtual Church

Church in times of Coronavirus

Due to continuous increase in Coronavirus infections we are going through a difficult time and – as a church – have to adjust to new ways of worship, community and support.  While we have been asked to – temporarily – suspend our worship rhythm, we are not separated and we keep in touch via Facebook, our  weekly newsletter and this website page that we’ll update regularly. 

Here, you will find the latest Sunday service, a variety of online resources and information about how you can help or get help. 

The church building is now completely closed even for private prayer.  There are no weddings, baptisms taking place in the building.  Funerals are taking place with necessary restrictions in numbers. This will continue until  COVD-19 restrictions change.


Opportunities this Lent in Lockdown

The OHANA Prayer:

Loving God,
transform all blocks and obstacles around us and inside our minds, bodies and hearts,
into pathways for your Grace ~
that we may be channels for your love
and peace in this place.
Embolden us with courage
to dare to dream of a better life
in which ALL may flourish.
Break our hearts open
so no one gets forgotten
or left behind.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Internal resources:

  1. Our weekly Newsletter (Newsletter No. 49)
  2. Join our Facebook Community
  3. Weekly Lectio Divina Bible Group(s) Thursdays at 8pm via Zoom. Let Fr J know if you’d like to join
  4. Weekly Faith through Art Group Wednesdays at 7.30pm via Zoom. Let Fr J know if you’d like to join
  5. Service Booklet to follow the Third Sunday of Lent  7/3/21 livestream

External resources:

  1. Time To Pray app: prayers for each day
  2. BBC Sunday sermon (Sunday, 8.10am, BBC4) 

If you NEED help, please contact Derby Covid Community Support  on:

  • 01332 640 000

St Werburgh have joint forces with Derby Community Action to offer a more consistent support to our parish.

Please feel free to reach out for any needs that you may have, be this groceries, household goods, medicine or simply the desire to have a chat with a friendly person.

If you want to talk to the St Werburgh team directly, please contact

If you OFFER help, you can contact Derby Covid Community Support on:

  • 01332 640 000

Derby Community Action are looking for volunteers that can – safely – support our local community. This may include shopping, collection of medication and phone support for those that suffer from isolation.

Sarah Watson is coordinating the help efforts for the crisis in our area with Derby Community Action.