About Us

Our approach: being Church

We are a Christian community within the Church of England and we take Jesus Christ and the Gospels seriously.  We take sacrament and Christ’s presence amongst and through us seriously.  This means we take inclusion seriously. We’d like to tell you more…

A little about us

St Werburgh’s is a parish church on the edge of the city of Derby, part of the Church of England and a member of the Inclusive Church Network.

The building was predominantly built in the fourteenth century, this is both a joy and a frustration because it means our building has a beautiful sense of holiness but can be a bit inflexible to use.

Our principal gathering as a Christian community takes place every Sunday at 10am for what we call ‘Parish Mass.’

We seek to be an inclusive congregation, welcoming of both human experience and human diversity. We take the Bible seriously and we also take new insights and experiences seriously because there are things we now understand that Biblical writers did not, and could not, know.

The church fellowship is made up of partnered and single people, straight, gay and transgendered, those who have a sure Christian faith and those who struggle with belief.  Some of us are traditional, others progressive. In short, we are pretty relaxed.

It is important, especially if you are LGBTQIA+, that you know these are not empty words.  We do not always get it right, but you will find a welcome, you will be affirmed and celebrated and we will make every effort to learn from your experiences here.

We believe that in the Gospel is to be found a radical welcome, a great and generous invitation to share in the banquet of God’s creation. And also a challenge, to this and all generations.

Image of St Werburgh Church Spondon