Faith Journey

“The church in a quite special way is the place where large dreams are entertained, songs are sung, boundaries are crossed, hurt is noticed, and the weak are honoured. The church has no monopoly on these matters. Its oddity, however, is that it takes this agenda as its peculiar and primary business. In all sorts of unnoticed places, it is the church that raises the human questions.”
Walter Brueggemann

How we do this is primarily through the way we pray and come together in worship.

Our week centres around the Parish Mass on Sunday mornings at 10am.  This is a modern service, yet rich in history, formal and yet relaxed, where we meet in all our diversity.

There are other, more contemplative opportunities through the week to come together too:

  • Most days morning and evening prayer are said at 9.15am & 4.30pm though it is always best to check with Fr Julian.
  • On the first Saturday of each month we pray the stations of the cross at 4.30pm
  • Mid week masses take place on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am & Thursday evenings at 7pm

There are also various opportunities through study groups where we may undertake bible study, often using the Lectio Divina model – seeking to discern what Scripture may be saying to us rather than being prescriptive in thinking there is one right answer!

What underpins our faith life together is that God speaks – and is honoured – in the concrete realities of our lives. And those realities differ.  In exploring them and articulating them we believe we help one another move towards a fuller understanding of God. And of one another.

Inclusion is Mission Seminar

Tuesday March 13th 7.30pm