Regular Stuff

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings we have a quiet spoken service air 9am in the Lady Chapel and at 10am we have our main act of worship – its called Parish Mass and it starts at 10am

Yes its kind of formal, but very relaxed.  Our music is often more traditional, but we have lots of modern music too.  The main thing about this service is that we gather around the altar together.  EVERYBODY is welcome and EVERYBODY is included.  


Are kids welcome?

Absolutely yes, most of the time we have special activities for them too and we all gather for the Eucharist (that is the bit where we share bread and wine)

Will I feel stupid?

We really hope not!  Like any new place, it might take a couple of visits to feel comfortable, our worship is what is called ‘ordered’ that means the way it is put together has meaning and it isn’t just about the words.  We are really friendly and we are a fellowship made up of lots of different kinds of people.

Does it matter that I’m not sure what I believe?

Well then you’ll fit right in – we are all on a journey.  We have the understanding that God is love and everything else is negotiable!

Isn’t communion about alcohol?  That’s a problem for me…

We are really aware that attitudes towards alcohol have changed greatly and we recognise that for many people it is an issue.  We use both non alcoholic and alcoholic wine at our services just like we use gluten and gluten free bread to try and include everyone.

How will I know when to stand up and sit down so I don’t get it wrong?

You’ll get all the information you need to help you decide how you want to take part… there’s no set rules!

We have large print booklets and we try to be as dyslexia friendly as we can by making the booklets available in different fonts and on different coloured paper that can make things easier.

We also try to be autism friendly – with an autistic friendly space and we encourage you to sit wherever your comfy in the building.

I have a baby what if she cries or disturbs other people?

We really welcome parents and kids and know how hard it can feel sometimes.  We don’t shush… we don’t do pin down… and the people who had a problem with kids left years ago!  We’d hope you’d feel comfortable to breast feed and you can ask a welcomer to show you our lounge area where you can breastfeed in peace in a comfy chair if you’d prefer to.

Other regular services:


9am  Mass – quiet spoken service lasts about half an hour.

4.30pm – Evensong (Mass in traditional language on the first Sunday each month)

During the week:

Morning prayer is said at 9.15am  Mon / Tues / Thurs / Frid – but always give us a call or drop and email to check its on.

Tuesday 2pm  Kids stuff

Wednesday 10.30am  Mass  Spoken service about 30 mins in the Parish Room so we may meet in the round in  less formal manner and during the winter its warmer!

Thursday  7pm Mass Spoken service about 30 mins in the Tower Chapel